How will ROKOAT PRO RPX3000 benefit my yacht or ship?
How long does ROKOAT PRO RPX3000 last?
How is ROKOAT PRO RPX3000 applied?
How much does ROKOAT PRO RPX3000 cost?
What maintenance does it require after it has been applied?
What surfaces can ROKOAT PRO RPX3000 be applied to?

Rokoat Pro TechShield Rust Inhibitor

How does this solution differ from the current antifouling systems available on the market today?
How long does this system last?
What colour is the coating?
What surfaces can this solution be applied to?


ROKOAT Pro SecuraKoat Wet Grip

What is the difference between a conventional non-slip solution and Rokoat’s non-slip solution?
What colour does this product come in?
Is it easy to clean?

ROKOAT Multi-Protect

What is ROKOAT Multi-Protect ?
How does it protect the surface?
Is it easy to clean?
Is ROKOAT Multi-Protect a polish?
Is ROKOAT Multi-Protect harmful to the environment?
What surfaces does it enhance in particular?
Will the surface be easier to clean once it has been applied?
How long does it last?

ROKOAT Polywash

What is ROKOAT Polywash?
How do you apply the What is ROKOAT Polywash?
What are the advantages of using this wash?
How often would I use the wash?


ROKOAT Woodguard

What is ROKOAT Woodguard?
Where can this product be used?
How is ROKOAT Woodguard applied?
What Colour is ROKOAT Woodguard?
How long does ROKOAT Woodguard last?
How many coats should I apply?
How long after applicaton can I use the area or is the coating dry?
On a boat deck - Will I have to scrub the deck before applying a new coat?