"world leader in ceramic coatings"
to a global client base
innovative solutions

ROKOAT is fast becoming the world leader in ceramic coatings. From super yachts to the screen of your smart phone, if you need to protect it then ROKOAT has a solution for you.

We offer a range of 9 products, each with a unique formula, offering both interior and exterior protective coatings.

Our coatings are unique, each with a patented eco-friendly formula, thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance wherever and whenever they are applied.
From our European headquarters we offer innovative solutions to a global client base including superyachts, luxury cars and a host of domestic and commercial applications.

A unique ceramic coating with over 500 uses and applications. From superyachts to the screen of your smart phone, if it needs protection then ROKOAT has the solution for you.


unique ceramic formula


innovative global solutions